“I quit being a Chrisitan. I’m out. In the name of Christ…” (Anne Rice)

Brian Leport brought this facebook post to my attention with a blog posting that he did in response to Anne Rice’s renunciation of Christianity today. Brian’s comments generated a good discussion, you should check them out Here. Although I know little of Anne Rice, I recognize the tone of this posting. “Jesus Protect me from your followers”, “they like Jesus but not the church” and many other slogans are out there right now. I really believe this trend has been a cop-out for many budding Christians. When things don’t go the way you expected just cite, “Jesus is my homeboy” and walk away from church thinking that Christianity is separate from the Church. Sadly, it’s not.

Rice’s comments remind me of the elitist Corinthian assertion, “I am of Christ.” “I am above your petty differences, and am a truly enlightened Christian because I am not Christian… I follow Christ.”

Paul’s response was simple, “Is Christ divided?” Certainly her motive of pure religion is honorable, but making aloof accusations and brushing broad strokes across the very faith she professes is not what Paul encouraged in Corinth. I think he said, “not cool.”


About Roger

Roger lives in North Pole, Alaska, where he has served as Youth Pastor for 8 years. Married to his partner in life Kimberly, Roger enjoys being a family man and has two amusing children, the toddler Hollister Dean, and the baby Sterling Grace.
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5 Responses to “I quit being a Chrisitan. I’m out. In the name of Christ…” (Anne Rice)

  1. Brian LePort says:

    The Corinthian analogy is a great one!

  2. Joseph Pazar says:

    Its sad to see people throw in the towel on being Christian. I agree with you that some people get an elite attitude and decide to go at it alone becuase they are “above” other Christians. Her comments indicate that she does not want to be anti-anything. I think an important distinction should be made between being anti-sin and anti-(people that sin).

  3. Roger says:

    right, so you are saying that at times Christians misunderstand the nature of Christianity’s response to sin, mistaking it for a prohibition on the people rather than the act of sin? I agree that is often the case.

    One distinction I see in Anne’s post is that she isn’t just talking about sin, she is also talking about world view stuff -Humanism, Science, feminism- things are have little to do with sin. I would stand next to her on the premice that large segments of Christianity have been hyjacked by political and social exploiters who use the bible to justify their agendas. And I might agree with her resistance to such things, but her conclusion to drop off the scene and simply be better shows a lack of value. If she really cared about the direction of Chrisitanity and about getting back to the heart of it she would join in the cause and see change rather than sitting out.

  4. Jon Beaty says:

    I believe the “i follow christ attitude is very easy to come by, especially in these days of ministeril imorality. but we must emember scriptures like hebrews 10:25 ” not forsaking the assembling of ourselves……” or eph 4:11-12. We need to realize “the church” is of God and we need to treat it as such, and that pastors, evangelists and the like are men and therefore subject to being in perfect just like we are. I appreciate the blog roger

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