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“I quit being a Chrisitan. I’m out. In the name of Christ…” (Anne Rice)

This trend has been a cop-out for many budding Christians. When things don’t go the way you expected just cite, “Jesus is my homeboy” and walk away from church thinking that Christianity is separate from the Church. Sadly, it’s not. Continue reading

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Wednesday Wish Book

I’m starting a new blog entry, Wednesday Wish Book, where I’ll post things that I would like to get for Christmas. To my wife, this is a great place to start. 🙂
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Church Growth and the Pert Formula

The prospect of doubling in two years(8 quarters) is daunting for any church; however, using A=Pert we can provide a realistic set of goals. Continue reading

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Alaskans, Clergy, and Mandated Reporting 1 of 3

Because Alaska has struggled with the issue of child abuse by clergy for so long, I find it fascinating that we are on the short-list of states which have yet to address the issue of clergy-penitent privilege and the mandated reporting of child abuse. Continue reading

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Worth Reading: Michael Gurley’s Blog Post

Michael Gurley’s post called “Algorythms for Life” intrigued me. Continue reading

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Queen Vashti Goes to Heaven

King Ahasuerus, King of the Medes and Persians, hosts a feast for all his noblemen and subjects. After 180 days of drunken revelry, King Ahasuerus orders his Queen, Vashti, to come and dance before him and his men. With the dignity of a royal woman, Vashti declines. Embarrassed and enraged, the King divorces her, and begins searching for a replacement queen. As Benesch explores the mistreatment of Queen Vashti, he uses this story to assert that the Christian scriptures validate misogyny (Hatred of women). Continue reading

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