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Alaskans, Clergy, and Mandated Reporting 3 of 3

Alaska law should no longer remain quiet on this issue; we must bolster our clergy by giving them a mandated legal avenue to pursue justice, healing, and safety. Continue reading

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Wednesday Wish Book: Outreach Magazine

This is a resource that only discovered a few days ago. They put out a yearly report called the “Outreach 100” which lists the top 100 fastest growing churches in America and peer into the practices that these churches have in common. Continue reading

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Alaskans, Clergy, and Manditory Reporting 2 of 3

For clergy this issue of confidentiality goes much deeper than just keeping secrets. As a doctrine of some faiths, clergy are obligated to maintain privileged communications. In Christian denominations this is especially true, where the idea of confidence is directly implied in the practice of confession. Continue reading

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