Wednesday Wish Book

When I was a child one of the best parts of the Christmas Season was the Wish Book catalogue from Sears & Robuck. The endlessly thick book smelled of fresh ink and its color pages were full of the every imaginable toy: Lego, micro machines, bicycles with mag wheels, and Nintendo games. My mom would hand me a yellow highlighter and would tell me to mark the items I really wanted. After washing the heavy book in yellow highlighter I would leave it in on the kitchen table for my parents to discover its countless possibilities.

I’m starting a new blog entry, Wednesday Wish Book, where I’ll post things that I would like to get for Christmas. To my wife, this is a great place to start. 🙂


About Roger

Roger lives in North Pole, Alaska, where he has served as Youth Pastor for 8 years. Married to his partner in life Kimberly, Roger enjoys being a family man and has two amusing children, the toddler Hollister Dean, and the baby Sterling Grace.
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