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Funny Church Sign


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As though taking repose from a lifetime of toil, a crude, aged fishing hook rests under the soft lights of the museum’s display case. Continue reading

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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: The Leadership Fable

I just watched a Summit Leadership Conference video of Patrick Lencioni speaking about the five dysfunctions of a team, great stuff. Lencioni brings incredible insight into the realm of organizational leadership with his edgy peronality. Check out his blog called … Continue reading

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But have you read the Gnostic Gospels?

Her eyes narrowed as a furtive smile crossed her face. Pulling in both elbows, and thrusting her index fingers toward me in a drawn gun pose, “Now, how many of you have read the Gnostic Christian gospels?” All eyes in the classroom directed at me. Continue reading

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Louisiana Storm

Nestled deep in the brackish bayous of Central Louisiana, near the muddy rouge banks of the Red River, just a stone’s throw north of Lake Buhlow on Highway 165, sits a small green roadside home. A pock marked, reddish gravel … Continue reading

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Three people who I count dear have unwittingly encourage me to start blogging. First is my roommate from Christian Life College. I lived with Brian Leport for three years. During that time I remember how he would write these illustrious response letters to … Continue reading

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Impulse Purchase: The Ecumenical Cruise and Other Three-Legged Chicken Philosophy Tales

Scouting the UAF bookstore Friday, between classes, a shiney black bound book caught my eye. Drawing my attention were the first three words in its title, “The Ecumenical Cruise.” Sometimes my mind does that, I’ll be flipping through the pages … Continue reading

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